The 21 Day Detox & Dance

Join Nyla The High Pimpstresss in a new detox program unlike any other!

Did you know that in addition to being a professional dancer, performer, and fitness trainer, Nyla is also an educated nutritionist?! Developed from her original Spiritual Nutrition program, this new detox can help you get your system clean and more balanced in 21 Days. Plus there is Mermaid Lemonade!

The 21 Day Exotic Detox includes:

  • My exclusive alkalizing meal plan that teaches you what to eat & how to shop for it. 

  • A plan based on whole foods and bio-available nutrition. A plan designed to reset your body for maximum nutrition consumption.

  • I do not starve you.

  • You do not need to count calories.

  • You do not have to suffer through boring workouts. 

  • I check in with you a couple times a week to ensure you are set up for success. 

You will have access to a private Facebook group with all the info you need to prepare for your detox and keep you focused through the entire program.

This program is available with or without Exotic Fitness Classes! Exciting, sexy dance classes to get you motivated to move!

Beginners are always welcome; modifications can be made for all movements.