Stripper Heels & Legs Workshop

Wednesday, Oct 16, 2019


Stripper HeelS OPTIONAL

Beginners welcome

Learn how to walk in those super tall platform stripper heels. Then learn how to dance, slink, slide, writhe and roll on the floor like a sexy siren. This class gives you tips and techniques for those long wavy leg moves strippers are known for. EACH CLASS IS DIFFERENT! We work on different moves, exercises and techniques each time I run this class so it is NEVER an exact repeat of what we did before. We work on different transitions to and from the floor, unique floorwork combinations, shoe clicks and clacks, Pilates exercises for those luscious lines & core strength or we may even throw in some unique rolls, somersaults & sexy poses that double as a stretch when you’re tired. I have SO much material that it’s hard to fit it all into ONE class.


Student requests are welcome.

  • Increase your hip and hamstring flexibility

  • Develop a beautiful lines in the legs and spine

  • Improve the point in your foot

  • Strengthen your feet and ankles

  • Tone those thighs & strengthen your core

  • Learn the why’s and how’s of shoe clacks

Wear leggings/yoga pants + tank/tee on top

knee pads highly recommended

$59 Public Rate

$44 Subscribers on List w/code in email JOIN HERE