Bellydance Technique (Beginner)


Fall Season begins September 5th

$20 Drop In / or Package

Belly dance is the mother of all dance. Called "raqs sharki" in Arabic, it's internal muscular movements are excellent for toning your core muscles and the intense technical exercises will lift and firm your glutes and thighs while the spiritual element of this feminine dance art eases stress, recharges your spirit and ignites the Goddess within. This belly dance class focuses on technique for beginners to develop sharp, crisp isolations and understand the body bio-mechanics of this ancient art form to develop a comprehensive ability to move gracefully and fluidly. Don't be fooled by the term "beginner." The technique and conditioning exercises in this class are also excellent technical training for advanced dancers to hone their skills, isolations and muscle conditioning for poised performances and a professional appearance in their dance. We promise, this Myryka's Bellydance Technique class will challenge even the most advanced dancer.

Class is taught by award-winning belly dancer, Myryka Nunya. With over 20 years of professional performance experience, an education in dance conditioning, kinesiology and exercise physiology, you can't find a more competent or knowledgeable instructor. 

Rating: "Vanilla"


  • Bare feet

  • Hip Scarf (optional)

  • Water

Exotic Bellydance Veil

Select Mondays 7:30pm

$20 Drop In / or Package

Confidence, sensuality, and the energy of the divine feminine are expressed through traditional, authentic belly dance techniques fused with the subtle art of exotic sensual dance, sacred goddess chakra healing and movement meditation to power-charge the 2nd and 4th chakras, condition, strengthen and tone the core, and give you an intense upper arm and shoulder workout that leaves you feeling sexy, seductive and vibrant! We use the veil in our stretch segment of the class and as a metaphor for softness and fluidity, and in combination with undulations, hip circles, arm positions and foot patterns, we develop a body language that mesmerizes your audience while communicating your emotions and sensual perceptions….even if YOU are your only audience. Learning to embrace yourself fully is the most amazing gift you can give yourself.

Rating: “Vanilla/Naughty”