Chair Choreography

Select Mondays 7:30pm

See Fall schedule for exact dates

$20 Drop In / or Package

Props are popular items in burlesque and cabaret and one of the most popular and fun props in a simple chair. This neo-burlesque dance class focuses on a new, original choreography each week using a standard fold up chair. You can expect some floorwork, exotic dance, jazz, ballet and neo-burlesque themes with different genres of music so that there are never 2 classes alike! We don’t just “sit” in the chair! We climb on it, flip it, slide it, push it, lift it, lay on it, spin on it, stand on it, jump on it, and dance with it. This IS NOT like any chair dance class you have ever seen before! Beginner friendly and tons of fun. 

Rating: “Naughty”