Clothing for Class

You should wear anything you feel comfortable dancing and moving in.

Please arrive in your workout clothes or be sure you arrive with sufficient time to change before the scheduled class time. We are NOT able to hold class starting times while you change.

Important for Pole Classes! 

For the beginner pole classes, you can wear leggings or yoga pants. Bare feet.

Bare legs will grip the pole better so for higher level pole classes we suggest you bring shorts. 

Pole levels 2 and up may dance in heels. They must have an ankle strap and be made of smooth materials, no large metal buckles, stone embellishments, spikes etc. (They will damage the pole and the pole will ruin your shoes.)   

PLEASE DO NOT use lotion or oils on your hands or legs the day of pole class.

NO rings, bracelets or watches, the pole will damage/bend/scratch your jewelry.