Nyla the High Pimpstress 

Lead Pussy Cat - Pussycats® Pole Dance 

Pole Cat Power™ Regional Director, Arizona

Professional Dancer, Choreographer, Certified Fitness Instructor & Group Fitness Director, Personal Trainer, Pole Cat Power™ licensed instructor, Pilates® Instructor, Off-Ice Competition Ice Skating strength trainer, and massage therapist and dance/sports rehabilitation therapist.

Nyla has been a professional stage performer for more than 20 years. Her 10+ years of experience as an exotic dancer to gives her students the most AUTHENTIC pole dance experience available. Nyla has retired from performing in clubs as an exotic dancer, but still performs in other mediums all over the world and even locally with burlesque shows and corporate events. Her educational and training background includes a lengthy history of fitness instruction, training and arranging group fitness classes for large health clubs, massage therapy, anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, jazz, hip hop, ballroom dance, gymnastics, Pilates, Yoga, body bio-mechanics of dance, exercise physiology and dance rehabilitation, physics as it applies to aerial dance and training in the Pole Cat Power™ Pole Dance Method which is the ONLY pole dance program authorized to use the aerial safety and injury prevention techniques taught exclusively by the Gemini Twins of Cirque du Soleil.

Myryka Nunya

Oriental Dance Artist (Belly Dance Artist)

2006 Belly Dancer of the Universe - People's Choice & Congeniality Winner

Myryka grew up in Las Vegas and began her dance career as a magician's assistant at age 14. By 18, she was performing in large Las Vegas productions like Jubilee & American Superstars. Her dance training spans 15 years and includes training in Cecchetti Ballet Technique, modern ballet, Pilates and dance conditioning, hip hop, flamenco and latin dances, jazz, tap, classical Egyptian belly dance, modern oriental belly dance, as well as many other styles of belly dance. She has trained with many belly dance greats like Marliza Ponce, Suhaila Salimpour, & Helena Vlahos and many of Egypt’s superstar belly dance performers: Dina, Randa Kamal, Raqia Hassan, Soraya, Mohamed el Sayed. Her extensive background in personal training, Pilates and group fitness has given her a unique ability to teach the intracacies of more complicated movements by offering a comprehensive breakdown of the bio-mechanics of the exercises and helping her students develop a great body awareness. Her life-long commitment to fitness and dance have given her the experience necessary to develop her own technique of “somatic movement therapy.’”  This therapy combines body awareness, fluid movements, breath work, and meditation to improve flexibility, balance, and strength, facilitate emotional release and a provide true mind-body connection.

Myryka is the magician's assitstant in the CIRCUS OF ILLUSION magic show with Craig Davis and performs as an aerial dance artist on Lyra (trapeze hoop) and net. Highly versatile, she combines her many dance skills with a playful sensuality with a wild comedic streak that keep her in high demand. Her natural musicality and understanding of Arabic movement, rhythm and culture have made her a local favorite. Myryka was the exclusive house dancer for 2 of Arizona's most popular Arabic night clubs for 10 years straight before retiring from restaurant performing to embark on large productions and upscale entertainment for corporate events, fundraisers, women’s empowerment gatherings and more.