Spiritual Nutrition Workshops

Spiritual Nutrition 101: The Basics 

Wed June 8th

Learn what spiritual nutrition is and how eating a more plant-based diet can benefit your health and energy. 

This workshop will feature the basics of adopting a mindful eating practice and discuss nutrient bio-availability, the role of enzymes and probiotics, the truth about sugar and the many forms it's disguised as and feature easy ways to sneak fruits and vegetables into your current dietary habits so the change from meats, dairy and acidic foods isn't so drastic. 

We will also discuss the problems with "smoothies" and why they are not as healthy as you may think and how to make them alkaline so that you can achieve the health benefits you're looking for.

Healthful refreshments will served and an alkaline smoothie will be made and the recipe given.

Spiritual Nutrition:  The Architecture of a Salad

Sat June 25th

If you could find more excitement in a salad you would probably eat more raw veggies, right? 

Many people think salads are boring.. .lettuce, a tomato, maybe some slices of onion and ranch or Italian dressing. And we agree! That IS boring!!! 

This workshop covers the proper way to construct a wildly exciting salad filled with color, nutrition, enzymes, favors and even plant-based PROTEIN!!! Lots of it!  There is a formula for creating salads that sizzle and offer nutrient dense alternatives to dead, nutrient-void foods.  We will even show you how to make salads that stay fresh for ON-THE-GO lifestyles!

We will actually make a salad for you to sample and see how easy it is to include more plants into your current lifestyle without feeling bummed about your meal.

Space is limited.

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