Random Tips


Welcome to Random Tip from Nyla at Violet Flame Studios!

Nothing fancy - no graphics, no sales.  
Just one little tidbit of helpful information for your day, in no particular order, sent to the fantastic people on The List. 

This page is a collection of those Random Tips. 

I send these randomly, sporadically... but hopefully each time you open my little message, it always will bring a smile to your beautiful face. Try it right now - go ahead. SMILE.  


The #1 Tip for a flat tummy

Posture is key to a flat stomach. Tuck in your core and sit or stand up straight as you read this. Take a moment to align your chakras. 1 deep breath.  Make it count. 


The importance of daily movement

Is everyone doing what they can to MOVE in this heat?  I know this AZ heat can make even the most active people lethargic, but we must always remember the importance of movement in our day. And even if you are not in Arizona...

I offer this thought to you: 

Hold a mindfulness each day of your activity level, to ensure that daily, you are doing what is best for you to maintain your health and goodness.  


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