Veil Workshop

Be absolutely irresistible to men! Explore the art of your feminine power with sensual belly dance. 

Learn the secrets ancient goddesses have used for centuries to cultivate and balance their feminine energy, increase self-confidence, release tension, and become the irresistible, seductive, powerful vixens of legend. 

The secrets lie within the skills which are expressed through traditional, authentic belly dance techniques fused with the subtle art of exotic sensual dance.

You will learn sacred goddess chakra healing and movement meditation to power-charge the 2nd and 4th chakras. This movement will condition, strengthen, and tone your core - giving you an intense workout that not only sculpts your body but leaves you feeling sexy, seductive and vibrant! 

The veil is used as a metaphor for softness and fluidity, and in combination with undulations, hip circles, arm positions and foot patterns, you will develop a body language that mesmerizes your audience while communicating your emotions and sensual perceptions….even if YOU are your only audience.  Learning to embrace yourself fully is the most amazing gift you can give yourself.

The chiffon fabric is pleasure to play with ~ to wrap, drift, twirl, entwine, pull, and even throw!  

Your feminine power abounds. 

By the time you complete this workshop you will have:

  • a wide vocabulary of belly dance terminology
  • a more intimate understanding of how your body works
  • a knowledge of how to sustain your feminine energy
  • a new method of coping with daily stress and drama with grace and ease

The student performance at the end of this workshop is optional; however, we do encourage all students to consider it an option as they build confidence throughout the course. It is a fantastic way to express yourself freely and is very cleansing for the soul.  Costuming and other performance details will be discussed in the workshop. 

This workshop is taught by both professional belly dancer Myryka Nunyaz and professional sensual dance artist Nyla The High Pimpstress.  Together, they been traveling, performing, and teaching in the realm of sensual dance for over 20 years, bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge and insight to share with you. 

Veils are included in workshop fee.

The music we use in class is created specifically for us by Violet Beats; all students will be provided with the music for practice outside of class.

Live your true feminine power. The Belly Dance Veil Performance Workshop. 

Letter From Myryka

Dear students,
This workshop was created as a way of encouraging women who don't like to workout to exercise and as a way of fusing the art of Middle Eastern Raqs Sharqi (belly dance) with several ancient forms of goddess worship, feminine energetic healing and fertility dance. 
Every culture has it’s own form of fertility dance and feminine expression through dance and I wanted to bridge the gap between traditional belly dance and our modern society’s own variation of “urban fertility dance” known as “exotic dance.” 
My intention is to eliminate the negative connotations of “exotic dance”  and those who chose to participate in exotic dance and parlay those sensual and seductive elements with one of the most beautiful and challenging dance disciplines I have studied, belly dance. 
Our culture seems obsessed with omitting “sex” or “sexuality” from almost everything as if it is shameful, dirty and wrong for a woman to enjoy sex and want to BE seductive! I believe this is a major cause of body issues and a huge problem for how women identify themselves and also how they connect with their own sexuality. 
I hope this workshop helps women understand their sexual being-ness and that, while sexuality and sensuality are not the same thing, they can work together to create beauty and re-define our spiritual-sexual nature and thus, our perceptions of ourselves while getting a fantastic workout at the same time.
I hope to see you there!

Myryka Nunya
Belly Dance Artist/Entertainer
2006 Belly Dancer of the Universe -Fusion - People's Choice & Miss Congeniality