Sensual Bellydance Veil Workshop

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A Wednesday in 2019

Explore the art of your feminine power with sensual belly dance. 

The veil is used as a metaphor for softness and fluidity, and in combination with undulations, hip circles, arm positions and foot patterns, you will develop a body language that will mesmerize any audience - even if it’s only YOU.

The chiffon fabric is pure pleasure to play with ~ to wrap, drift, twirl, entwine, pull, and even throw!  

You will learn sacred goddess chakra healing and movement meditation to power-charge the 2nd and 4th chakras. This movement will condition, strengthen, and tone your core - giving you an intense workout that not only sculpts your body but leaves you feeling sexy, seductive and vibrant!  

$49 Public Rate

Special rates available to those who are subscribed to our list ~ check your email for code ;)

Bellydance veils in motion 2.png