Pole Fundamentals

EVERY Monday & WEDNESDAY 6:00pm

& most Saturdays 12:00pm

& Thursdays 8:30pm beginning April 26th

$30 or package


This class introduces the basic fundamentals, bio-mechanics, and physics of pole dance in a safe, supportive and really fun environment.  

Perfect for beginners with no experience as well as any experienced dancer wanting to improve strength and technique. In this progressive, beginner level, students will learn aerial safety & injury prevention plus 5 basic spins, floor work, and beginner transitions. Anticipate 6 to 8 weeks in this level before you feel comfortable moving to the next level. 

Rating: Naughty

$25 First Time Students! Use code NS25 at checkout

Pole Choreography

Thursdays 8:15pm*

*schedule change begins April 26th, 2018:  Thursdays 8:30pm

$30 or Package

This is an advanced class.  Each week will feature a different music genre. Learn choreographed routines specific to each flavor of music, and get fit in the process!

Rating: Nasty

Prerequisites: at least 4 weeks of Pole Fundamentals or instructor permission. 

Pole Level 2 & 3


$30 or package

Level 2 introduces 4 more spins and some extensive climb work. We also begin preparations for inverts. Students develop lower ab strength required to lift your hips over your shoulders as well as MORE flexibility training for advanced tricks.

Level 3 offers more advanced spins, climb variations and preparations for/and execution of inversions. Students learn the importance of thigh grips and how to control your momentum so you are relying on STRENGTH and ergonomically correct methods of lifting your body weight for grace and endurance.

Expect to spend 6 to 8 weeks in each progression/level. You may require more or less time to become proficient in the material. Everybody progresses at her own pace. 

Drop in at any time and take the classes until you are ready to advance to the next level.

Rating: Nasty

Prerequisites: at least 4 weeks of Pole Fundamentals or instructor permission. 

Pole Level 4 & 5 

TUESDAYS 8:00-9:15PM

$30 or package

Level 4 builds upon the inversions and variations of inversions and techniques for holding yourself upside down on the pole while moving your body into different positions.

Students learn several more intermediate spins and strength conditioning exercises. This is also a progressive level and you can continue with this level until the material can be executed with ease. 10 to 12 weeks in this progression is common.

Level 5 focuses on acrobatic pole poses and transitions through one pose to another. Combinations of tricks and transitions are taught to breed familiarity and body memory. At this point, core strength must be very stable and well developed and we add even more core conditioning work and advanced aerial training techniques for shoulder safety. 10 to 12 weeks in this progression is common.

Prerequisites: at least 4 weeks of Pole Fundamentals PLUS minimum 4 weeks in Pole 2/3 or instructor permission.