Stilettos & Swag

Heel Choreography


$20 Drop In / or Package

Bring your favorite pair of heels, your sexiest dance attire, and your sassy attitude!

Learn a hot, new choreography from a professional performer and fitness trainer!

Dancing in heels puts emphasis on the quads and challenges the core which makes it a fantastic workout. 

A complete foot, ankle & leg warm up and stretch is included.

Experience is preferred - especially dancing and walking in heels - but beginners and barefoot dancers are welcome and encouraged to join!.


What type of heels should you bring?

  • Shoes should have a flexible bridge and soft sole for this class.

  • Ballroom dance shoes and 3-4” pumps are perfect.

  • Smaller heels are also acceptable.


Types of heels/shoes NOT recommended for this class are:

  • Wedges = no

  • stripper shoes with a platform = no

  • any shoes that that slip off your heels too easily = no

  • shoes with an unstable or wobbly heel = no

  • boots = nope

Rating: “Naughty”