Burlesque Tricks II: Boobies & Tassles ~ July 31

Burlesque Tricks II: Boobies & Tassles

Wednesday July 31



The biggest of the burlesque "TA-DA'S" is usually the TA-TAS!

This workshop will require some core control and for you to be topless. Each student will be provided with a pair of custom-made rhinestone pasties with tassels for spinning (add'l $30) and taught techniques for making the tassels twirl.

It's not as easy as it seems and it's not as hard as it seems either. In any event, it sure makes for a fun "girl's night" activity and you are welcome to bring a bottle of wine to help you get loosend up.

If you absolutely DO NOT want to bare your busom, you can safety pin the pasties to the outside of your bra for class and practice topless at home.

Registrations and pastie orderes need to be completed 2 weeks in advance.

If you have pasties you like, you can bring your own instead.

  • $59 Public Rate for single workshop

  • $149 for 3 Burlesque Workshops

  • $259 for all 6 Burlesque Workshops 

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