Burlesque Tricks I: Strip Tease ~ July 24

Burlesque Tricks I: Strip Tease

Wednesday July 24



What is burlesque without a little tease?

Find out how to flash some flesh while creating anticipation for the big reveal.

It's not what you do, it's HOW you do it ands this workshop will give you several ways to remove the 3 top burlesque costume elements: gloves, stockings (thigh highs, of course) and dressses.

You will need to bring opera length satin gloves, thigh-high stockings and a dress that you step into and out of fairly easily.

Keep in mind that zippers, buttons and hooks add to the complexity of the strip so be mindful if you are an absolute beginner. You will need to unfasten any fasteners yourself so make sure you can reach them without having to struggle. I will show you what to do next!

Shoes are optional.

Please wear a bikini or tight fitting shorts/sports bra for underneath your dress so you are not left nakey-nakey in class.

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