Burlesque Props II: The Boa ~ July 17

Burlesque Props: The Boa

Wednesday July 17, 2019



The second prop class of the Burlesque series is The Feather Boa.

Boas are fluffy, luxurious and fun props. Feathers and feather boas are a staple in burlesque and they can be flirty or dirty. We will go over

  • How to carry and wear our boa

  • Things to do with your boa

  • Using the boa for your reveal or your big "TA DA!"

  • How to tease audience members with your boa.

We can order a professional grade boa for you at a discounted rate, or you can bring your own.

We DO NOT recommend the cheap chicken/chandelle feather boas from places like Party CIty. They shed way to much and are NOWHERE near the quality or luxury of our turkey feather boas.

Boas for this class are an additional $49 and will be red. You can bring your own 14” turkey feather boa or vegan organza boa at no cost.

Wear leggings/yoga pants + tank/tee on top

  • $59 Public Rate for single workshop

  • $149 for 3 Burlesque Workshops

  • $259 for all 6 Burlesque Workshops 

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