Burlesque Props I: The Chair ~ Nov 13

Burlesque Props I: The Chair

Wednesday Nov 13, 2019



Using props in burlesque can be an exciting way to change up your choreography, add dimension and versatility to your act and emphasize drama in your routines.

This workshop shows you how to use a common fold up chair in your burlesque dance and several acrobatic tricks to show off those sexy legs and how strong your core muscles are.

Beginner friendly and easier than you think, implementing a prop in your routine can be a great workout as well as a fantastic flare with your basic chair.

Chairs provided. Space limited to 12. Knee pads recommended if you have sensitive knees.

Wear leggings/yoga pants + tank/tee on top

  • $59 Public Rate for single workshop

  • $149 for 3 Burlesque Workshops

  • $259 for 6 Burlesque Workshops 

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