The Burlesque Boa Workshop

Coming Soon!

This is a beginner Burlesque Boa Workshop for anyone that wants to learn to dance in a seductive and sensual way or to move her body with elegance and grace. No dance experience required.


  • Burlesque basics

  • Body awareness

  • How to achieve graceful lines

  • Dancer posture

  • How to work with slow music

  • How use your arms to animate the boa in the space around

  • Plus sexy feather boa tricks from a professional!


Turkey Feather Boa ~ Bring your own, or available for purchase at studio in red: $49

Boas sold separately from workshop fee.

We will be having more Boa Workshops in the coming weeks; your investment in a boa now will be used way more than in just one workshop.

No costume shop or dollar store boas please. They tend to be scrawny, flimsy, and messy.

The turkey feather boas we use are used in professional burlesque dance; they are much more luxurious and of superior quality.

You do not have to purchase your boas from us; you can get them anywhere you like. Search for: 10-14” diameter 200 gram turkey feather boas.

Oh! And bring kneepads ...just in case ;) We do have some kneepads at the studio for use if needed.


-black leggings/black tank/sports bra/etc

-bare feet or appropriate dance shoe (no heels)

-no wrist jewelry (watches, bracelets)


coming soon!

Special rates available for those on our List!  JOIN HERE

*Boas sold separately.