NEW!  Pump Your Rump


$15 or package

This is a brand new class landing on our fall calendar! Join us Saturday mornings for a full hour of moves and motions that will shape your backside like no other workout.  

Twerk Technique 

Tuesdays 7:45pm

$15 or package

The hottest and sexiest dance workout in the valley! Learn the PROPER way to twerk without looking like a spazz or risk hurting yourself! This class gives you all the techniques you need to bounce, shake, rattle and jiggle your ass like a pro! Amazing core work, twerking is actually one of the best workouts you can do for building a strong core and increasing your hip flexibility. Just like the naughty girls in your favorite hip-hop videos, you will learn to pop, lock and drop it in no time!

Rating: Ratchet

Here are some samples of our Twerk class!  Make sure you are on our list to get notified of free classes and special offers!