NEW!  Pump Your Rump


$15 or package

Join us Saturday mornings for a full hour of moves and motions that will shape your backside like no other workout.  

Project "build a booty "starts with understanding glute activation and techniques to target the muscles of the hip and pelvis in order to grow a well rounded, firm butt.

This class is a floor-based series of butt sculpting exercises that isolate the contractions of the glute muscles to increase the pump you get from a good set of squats. These glute activation exercises can be done each week by themselves as an effective toning and lifting routine as well as done just before your next weighted-squat workout for a maximized maximus blast!

Twerk Technique 

Tuesdays 7:45pm

$15 or package

The hottest and sexiest dance workout in the valley! Learn the PROPER way to twerk without looking like a spazz or risk hurting yourself! This class gives you all the techniques you need to bounce, shake, rattle and jiggle your ass like a pro! Amazing core work, twerking is actually one of the best workouts you can do for building a strong core and increasing your hip flexibility. Just like the naughty girls in your favorite hip-hop videos, you will learn to pop, lock and drop it in no time!

Rating: Ratchet

Here are some samples of our Twerk class!  Make sure you are on our list to get notified of free classes and special offers!